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Magnae Mammae, also known as has been a raiding guild on Turalyon EU since March 2005. The guild was founded by the duo Tedbearil and Joyma, quickly becoming known on the server. When Ayu (aka Tyvi) joined, the guild was complete and ready for any challenge!

Magnae Mammae’s reputation on Turalyon swiftly became one of a stable guild with great players, progressing through every expansion, every raid and every world boss. When Joy retired in 2010, Tyvi took over as Guild Master leading the guild into Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, supported by a team of officers. They all strive to do their best, giving good raiders (and their friends) a welcoming home on Turalyon.

We can always use some fresh faces, so why not have a look at the other parts of the site and then head over to our recruitment section? You can also find some information about the people behind Magnae Mammae, uploaded photos and fraps, logs and discussions on our forum, amongst other things.

If you would like to to leave us comments and suggestions, please do so on our forum. If you would like to chat to an officer or have any questions that our site has not answered, please contact one of our officers (Aneyza, Smaj or Tyvi) via a pm on our forum or a /w in game. However, please avoid trying to contact us during our raid times.

Given we have been around for a while, we have racked up a fair few achievements. We are sure we have many more that Blizzard does not recognise as such… probably for the better! Below you will find an overview of predominantely PvE end-game related achievements grouped by expansion.

Mists of Pandaria


Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14 Hc (Pre 6.0)

Orgrimmar can consider itself thoroughly sieged by the mammaes. We cleared it all on heroic before it got easy in 6.0!

Throne of Thunder: 11/13 Hc

We have killed most of bosses on heroic, alas Lei Shen remained alive mocking us. One of our greatest challenges was the mighty power that is real life: how dare summer and holidays get in the way?!



Terrace of Endless Springs: 4/4 Normal

We did not get a chance to attempt Hc pre-patch, and, so far, have not gone back to finish that.

Heart of Fear: 4/6 Hc

We got four down on HC pre-patch, and, as with ToES, not gone back since.

Mogu’shan Vaults: 6/6 Hc

Cleared it out pre-patch, including Elegon normal before the changes.




Dragonsoul: 8/8 Hc

We were never keen on fire anyway, and had bad memories of all the hours spent wiping on Raggy, so rushed through all that was there in the Dragon Soul raid. Freaking dragons!

Firelands: 6/7 Hc

The Firelands’ heroic bosses were killed – but we never actually stood a chance against Ragnaros when it was fresh content. Who cares about a big fire-dude anyway. Pff!

BoT/BWD/Tot4W: 10/13 Hc

Cleared almost every boss on heroic during tier 11. The only ones we missed were Al’Akir, Ascendant Council and Sinestra – but we remedied that shortly after!

Wrath of the Lich King


Halion: 10man Hc, 25man N

Cleared Halion 10 heroic quite quickly! The 25 man version wasn’t that smooth – but we still killed it!

Icecrown Citadel: 10man 12/12 Hc, 25man 11/12 Hc

Remember those Gunship battles? Yes, we cleared EVEN that ‘boss’ on heroic when that content was still fresh. Also all the other bosses, but we’re superduper proud of the Gunship! The only one we failed to kill was heroic Lich King on 25man. Damn you! We also did all those pretty achievements, by the way…


ToTC: 10man 5/5 Hc, 25man 3/5 Hc

Our 10man heroic group owned ‘A Tribute to Insanity’ (remember, heroic Anub’arak killed with 50 tries remaining)? The 25man group was doing great too, with a special shout-out to the mad kill of the Val’kyr Twins!

Ulduar: 10man & 25man most hardmodes

Oh those Ulduar days, we miss you so! The 25man raids cleared a bunch on heroic (FL, XT, Iron Council, Freya, Thorim and Vezax), but only Alone In The Dark (Yogg+0) could beat our 10man raids! We even got Algalon and our precious title ‘Herald of the Titans’!

Naxxramas: 10 + 25man – Sartharion +3: 25 & 10man – Onyxia 25 & 10man

All cleared! Including some great achievements like ‘Undying’. HOWEVER, do not talk to us about ‘the Immortal’. Sartharion and Onyxia weren’t that lucky though. We killed, looted and loved it.

Burning Crusade


Sunwell Plateau: 6/6 (Twins pre-nerf, Mu’ru/KJ post-nerf)

Damn those Blood Elfs! Twins were no match for us; we killed it like we meant it! Mu’ru and KJ weren’t that much of a pushover though… They did get to feel our wrath when we came back for them later on!

Black Temple: 9/9

Black Temple was no problem for us! We had Illidan kills a plenty!

TK/SSC/Magtheridon/Gruul: 13/13

The early content of TBC was a breeze. We came knocking on Vashj and Kael’thas’ doors and delivered the pain!


Naxxramas: 5/15

Unfortunately Blizz didn’t give us a great deal of time before TBC hit to have a proper crack at the original Naxx! We did manage to clear the Spider Wing though, as well as Patchwerk and Razuvious!

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj: 6/9

The old god C’Thun escaped our clutches and we didn’t care for the optional bosses Ouro and Viscidius! The Bug Trio suffered our wrath, however, as well as all the main bosses up to and including the twin emperors!

BWL/MC/Onyxia: 19/19

The first few raids in WoW were no problem for Magnae Mammae (plus a few friends to get us to 40man). We even came out with a Thunderfury and a Sulfuras Hammer to top it all off!

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